Portugal Property Conference

Reason for the conference

To showcase the wide range of well-priced and luxury properties currently for sale in Portugal.

To demonstrate the new incentives launched by the Portuguese government to attract property buyers.

To run a seminar programme which will explain the incentives and make the buying process as easy as possible for visitors.

For the most comprehensive official information about buying in Portugal, please see: www.livinginportugal.com

About the buyers

There are the traditional British buyers (ABC1 – 30-60 years) interested in owning property in Portugal or retiring there, who are now returning to the market after the 2008-10 crisis.

There are international (non EU) residents in the UK interested in investing in property and taking advantage of Portugal’s newly introduced Golden Visa programme.

There are 400,000* + Portuguese nationals currently living in the UK, over 200,000 of which live inside the M25, within easy reach of central London (* source Portuguese Consulate February 2013)

The Portuguese Chamber is in a unique position to be able to target buyers in all these groups and to work closely with other official bodies to maximise publicity for the show and to attract the maximum number of visitors.